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Our 80-employee shop covering three shifts, seven days a week, gives us the versatility to respond to our customers’ requirements.

T&T Manufacturing, a member of the Bretting family of companies, has earned a reputation for top-quality products and excellent customer service.

The Bretting family of companies includes Bretting Manufacturing, Absolut Manufacturing, and T&T Manufacturing. All three companies offer top-notch for-contract services to manufacturers throughout the Upper Midwest. In addition:

  • Bretting designs, manufactures, and builds paper converting equipment
  • Absolut designs, manufactures, and builds paper bag machinery
  • T&T designs, manufactures, and builds all types of fixtures for industrial applications, specialty machines, and engineered wood equipment

Our Mission

T&T delivers reliable, durable and innovative equipment. We exceed customer expectations and provide unsurpassed customer service. Our commitment to quality, dedication to service and focus on total value solutions is our promise. Our professional, ethical and passionate efforts will be the foundation for long-term success of our customers, employees, and company. We deliver on our promise, earning the right to be the customer’s choice.

Our History


Tom Kriskovsky starts T&T Tool, Inc. out of his garage in the town of Trego, Wisconsin. It is primarily a die building shop that included Tom and one employee.


Tom moves the business into a small building in Spooner, Wisconsin. T&T Tool consists of four employees and three customers.

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The company moves into a larger building.

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The company continues as a die building shop until 1985 when Steve Sundeen becomes a partner. Over the next five years, the customer base grows to over 80 accounts and the focus shifts from die building to replacement parts for the wood products industry.

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The business grows to include 40 employees and moves into a new building. 60% of the workload at T&T Tool is directed towards the engineered wood industry.

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The company begins building welding fixtures for Caterpillar.


The business continues to grow and diversify, and now employs 60 people. A second building is constructed. The original building now houses manual and CNC mills and lathes, inspection department, shipping and receiving, and all support staff. Large fabrications, the die department, welding, laser and press work takes place in the second building.

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The company begins marketing welding fixtures to many existing and new customers.


T&T Tool grows to 85 employees and has approximately 150 customers in 30 states, all provinces of Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Bretting Manufacturing acquires the assets of T&T Tool, Inc. and becomes T& T Manufacturing, LLC, a subsidiary of C. G. Bretting Manufacturing Co., Inc.


About Us

T&T Manufacturing, LLC

700 Industrial Blvd.
Spooner, WI 54801
Tel: 715 635 8421
Email: customerservice@ttmfg.com

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